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Hi, I'm Koby .

(the long version)

Right off the bat, I was obsessed with performance and what I perceived to be wrong about the world. Like many liberal parents at the time, mine believed that television would melt my brain. We had a VCR set, but no cable whatsoever. It didn't help that I was a) determined to watch tv whenever and wherever I could, and b) any time I caught an errant scene of cruelty on a relative's Toshiba, I would not sleep or stop talking about it for weeks. While I grew up in a home filled with books and art, comedy was like this genre of feeling I discovered on my own in the dim glow of friends' basements. 

At Sarah Lawrence, I ended up in a first-year Ancient Philosophy seminar, and was like—wait, Plato and Socrates talked about comedy in the same breath as democracy? That changed everything; I really did no longer feel like this cleft high-and-low brow being. I wanted to learn the way it really worked, turtles all the way down. I went on to major in Philosophy and Creative Writing; and co-founded the college's first all-women and non-binary sketch comedy group,  Andrew Skort. I figure if humor and truth are all about observation, then I have to understand what the hell I'm looking at and then how to describe it.


Since then, I worked in numerous positions (see: work) that have combined my passions in areas like juvenile justice reform and reproductive freedom with writing and meme-making. I have held more traditional communications roles in addition to more holistic editorial positions. 








Currently, I am building my portfolio and broadening my skillset as a freelancer, while still doing all the things I normally do (crying in public places; trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty; living in Brooklyn with my geriatric Chihuahua, Goose.)

What I've learned: I work best in highly communicative teams  where I have space and latitude to create by deadline, relinquishing ego is essential to good work, and my primary talent is in carving out distinctive voice and narrative— whether on social media or the page.

What I want to learn more about: the ground-level process of building a brand/show/page/org from scratch, production, and ventures that center experience.

Have a script that's just shy of greatness?

Need some fresh voices in your lineup?

Think we have the same dad?

Certain we'd make amazing collaborators?

Get in touch!

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Candy Cotton

I am a storyteller passionate about justice and media— an experienced campaigner, writer, editor, and communicator with a focus on sensitivity, diversity & inclusion.


I am good at: finding the right words, identifying voice, unearthing the humor inherent

I am interested in: using my powers for good 

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